We provide a complete course for Jewish studies

You will learn many different topics. Some are directly required to be accepted by the Beit Din, while others will give you the background and knowledge that are necessary to make the transition pleasant and fulfilling.
In addition, you will enjoy field trips, holiday celebrations, and many other extracurricular activities.

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The duration of the course

The duration of the course is approximately 10 months
(for citizens of Israel, for non-citizens the time may vary),
in which students will learn different subjects in depth
that are relevant to Jewish life.

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We help with difficult bureaucracy

During the course, our staff will accompany you through the conversion process itself and will be there to help you to deal with the difficult bureaucracy.

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We teach in three languages

Pninei Or offers a complete program for Conversion to Judaism in the following languages:

  • Hebrew
  • English
  • Spanish

In addition to class time learning, we learn in small groups or one on one settings.  We will be with you throughout the whole giur process until you are welcomed into the People of Israel.

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The personal care

The students who attend the program will receive close and personal care and assistance in preparing themselves for Jewish life.

Many of our students – and hopefully you –  stay in touch with us and continue learning for many years.

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