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Tamar Tzahala Puler, profile picure
Rabbanit Tamar Puler
Head of women's program
Teaching Torah for more than 12 years
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Rabbi Yosi Dinkevitch
Rav Yosi Dinkevich
Head of the Pninei Or Center
Has been the head of the Conversion Program for the last 20 years
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"I was looking for my true identity and a place in this world.
I always knew life had a deeper meaning. As I was getting closer to Judaism,
I met Rabbi Dinkevich, who received me with open arms
and accepted me right way INTO the Conversion Program.
Converting was the best decision of my life.
I recommend this program with all my heart.
I could never have done it on my own."
Avigail, Czech Republic
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"Rav Yosi facilitated our conversion by helping to prepare
all the DOCUMENTS REQUIRED by the internal affairs office and the Rabbanut.
He was hands-on in the process every step of the way. I developed a great respect
for Rav Yosi because of HIS immense dedication to his work.
He is tirelessly answering the phone (at every hour of the day),
trying to help and to assist us, who attend his courses."
Rachel, Philippines
rabbi yosi dinkevitch in classroom, teaches
"I had Rav Yosi's support from the second I started the process
and still today I'm in touch with him, years after my conversion process has finished.
The effort he puts in for his students, both present and future students, is unparalleled.
Rabbanit Tamar is extremely knowledgeable and charismatic on any topic related to Judaism.
Both of them were and are my role models of what it means to be an observant Jew,
while giving unceasing support."
Chana, Sweden
midrasha students conversion to judaism, jewish conversion, becoming jewish, classroom, conversion ulpan
"All my life I knew that I have a Jewish ancestry,
but because of the assimilation of my ancestors, I have been missing
the most important thing — and that was the Jewish soul
and the faith in Hashem. Thanks to Rav Yosi and his colleague,
I was able to learn all THAT WAS necessary to restore the broken line
in my family. During my studies (on the basis of faith) with Rav Yosi
and other Rabanim in the shiurim, I have seen his real heart
and interest IN people who are missing their connection
with Kadosh Baruch-Hu and their Jewish identity.
So hereby, I would like to encourage everyone who is their
and is searching for help in Giur to choose this wonderful program."
Boaz, Czech Republic
students, group photo outside, jeshiva boys rabbi norin
"I came looking for my Judaism back in 2018 and I had the opportunity to learn
from Rav Yosi and Rabbanit Tamar.
It was and will be one of the best experiences of my life.
During the course I always had help, given advice and got to learn a lot from them.
They are exceptional and dedicated people who care about each of the students
and have the experience to guide and give you the answers
on this beautiful path to Judaism."
Leah, Ecuador
midrasha students conversion to judaism, jewish conversion, becoming jewish, classroom, conversion ulpan
"My first meeting with Rav Yosi was extremely warm.
As a new person in the country and school, I felt safe and cared for. If I had any problem,
I could always count on his help. The classes were intensive. Rabbanit Tamar
was my Halacha teacher and she modernized the school with a group on telegram
where anyone from the course can ask any question they had.
Before the pandemic, we had small trips each month to get to know Israel
and our nation's history better. We had all sorts of parties around holidays
and other occasions. This shows how dedicated the staff were
and how much they cared for each and every student."
Hanna, Poland
Mora, Morot, Israel, Yeshiva, Midrasha, Israeli conversion
"I grew up with a connection to G-d without even knowing He existed.
After EXPERIENCING hard upbringing and a failed marriage,
I knew I needed to make Aliyah to Israel, but I couldn't prove
I'm Jewish on my mother's side. I wanted to be a part of G-d's plan
and I couldn't. I contacted Rav Yosi and he made my dream come true.
I will never forget all the help, love, support and encouragement
they all gave me."
Gavriela, Canada
students, group photo outside, jeshiva boys rabbi norin
"I'd like to thank Rav Yosi Dinkevich and all the teachers that helped me
in my giur process. The learning was good and meaningful
and prepared me for Jewish life and Torah in the best possible way.
Rabbi Yossi was attentive to my questions and doubts and guided me
and helped me throughout. All the above was done with great love
and patience during the whole process, and I wholeheartedly recommend this program."
Tal, Israel
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